The Ultra Smart
Speaker System.

browse and play it all without a phone

Simple control.

Touch | Voice | Remote

Relax with deep and rich HD quality sound.

Experience AUDEA today!

Play it your way.

world's first adjustable equalizer

Runs all of your apps.

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube ... anything!

Experience the
future of smart


Browse and Play your Music Without a Phone.


The World's Highest Quality Ultra Smart Speaker.


The New Way to Play.



No Phone, No Wifi, No Power, No Problem


We run the music app!

No phone needed.

Browse by cover art genre, artist, album, mood, create a playlist. Do it all without a phone! 

Live the easy life. Regular smart speakers don't let you browse your music app playlists without your phone.  AUDEA lets you run any app without being tied to your phone.  Music, video, games, voice controlled home automation, video chat, phone, email, social, news. You name it, we play it! 

Welcome to AUDEA®.  The next generation of ultra smart entertainment.  

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