About AUDEA®

Our mission at AUDEA® is to dramatically simplify and enhance your entertainment experience.


Audea Inc.’s mission is to dramatically simplify and enhance people’s entertainment experience with a revolutionary, voice controlled, intelligent app processor speaker that is based on patented technology.

AUDEA is the world’s first “ultra smart speaker” that runs apps on its integrated app processor and display so you can browse and play music, videos and other apps with or without a phone.  It is the first smart speaker to incorporate a 13 band equalizer and optional add-on high fidelity speakers which dramatically enhances the listening experience.  Its unique Remote allows you to easily launch apps, control playback and remotely wake Google Assistant voice control with a wake key that prevents online conversational eavesdropping. 

Audea Inc. is a spin-off of Mozaex® which over the past 35 years has shipped hundreds of thousands of smart entertainment products to world class companies including IMAX® plus thousands of dealers in 24 countries. Audea’s VOXXI® voice control technology is patent protected. It’s founders are avid musicians, artists and scientists that are passionate about simplifying and enhancing entertainment. 

We truly hope that you have the opportunity to see, hear and feel how AUDEA can dramatically enhance and simplify your entertainment experience!

The AUDEA Team