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 Only AUDEA Offers these Unique Features

1. Color Touch Display Runs Apps - No Phone Needed

2. 13 Band Equalizer – Play Music the Way You Like It

3. Remote – Voice Wake Key, App Buttons, Vol, Skip, Play, Pause Mute

4. 4 Touch Key Keypad - Volume Up/Down, Mute, Voice control Wake Key

5. Plays All Music - Apple, Non-Apple Apps and Formats both SD & HD

6. Plays Stored Music You Own - Play Your Music from your own Cloud Storage

7. Input and Output Audio - Connect to Speakers, TVs, Phonographs

8. 2 Way Bluetooth - Stream from Phone and to Speakers/Headphones

9. SoundMate™ – Add-on 60W RMS Class A/B HiFi Amplified Speaker 


1. We Do EQ. 

AUDEA is the ONLY smart speaker with an integrated 13 band equalizer so you can adjust the sound to your exact personal preferences.  You can't believe how much better music sounds with EQ. Without EQ music sounds very flat, hollow like its playing in a can with little dynamic range. 

We also have a 10 band HD equalizer for playing hi-res 96 kg 24-bit music stored in the cloud or locally.

2. Complete Music System

All other smart speakers are simply  Wi-Fi receiving speakers. They don't have a music player app that has its own sound enhancements, EQ, DSP and other programmable, intelligent Electronics.

AUDEA is the only smart speaker with everything built in and every component from the music player, DSP, EQ, programmable  digital and analog preamp and class D amplifier, all built from the ground up to perfectly complement each other so there's minimal noise and the overall sound quality is unmatched.

3. Expandable 

Other than a couple low-quality Echoes, AUDEA is the only smart speaker that allows you to add Amplified speakers to dramatically enhance the volume, spatial and dynamic range of the sound quality. The improvement in sound quality is only limited by your budget.

Our SoundMates are based on a classic 2-way sub woofer-tweeter design with a rich sounding bass reflex air port.  They have exceptional acoustic sound quality with a low noise class A/B amplifier that has a THD of 1%.

4. Adjustable Digital and Analog Audio Controls 

AUDEA uniquely has independent digital and analog preamp and final stage amplifier speakers volume controls for both the internal speakers and external speakers.  Plus our SoundMates have individual volume controls so you can adjust the volume exactly to match the acoustics of your room and your personal preferences.

AUDEA is by far the world's highest quality smart speaker because everything including the music player, EQ and DSP is built in and you can add active speakers.

There's simply no other smart speaker in the world that delivers the same deep, rich and crystal clear spatial high definition sound with user adjustable frequency equalizer controls.