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Solid System with lots of unique capabilities

I'm quite happy with my Audea Trio system. The sound with the trio (two extra speakers) is really good. Set-up was a little more than I expected but since it runs apps I should have expected that. Some of the buttons behave a little different than most devices do, so it's different, not necessarily worse, just different in how they actuate. I haven't even scratched the surface yet with what apps it might run, but the possibilities are probably unlimited. Anything you use an app for could likely be used on this device and with it's clear screen that would include things like recipes, quotes, social media feeds, etc. I'd have preferred a little less plastic look, but that's just cosmetics. The on-board instruction and help manuals are really helpful.

Best sounding smart speaker

I've listened to a dozen different smart speakers and my Audea Trio is by far the best sounding highest quality smart speaker I've ever heard.

It is the only one that has an integrated equalizer that I can easily increase the volume of the frequencies including low bass and high treble frequencies the way I like my music to sound.

Unlike all other smart speakers that cram a bunch of speakers into one cabinet the Trio has two classic 2-way speakers that I can separate to create an incredible, unmatched crystal clear sound.

And I've become addicted to the remote control because I can simply click a button and control what apps I want to run, skip tracks and control volume.

And the best part, i dont need my phone!

It's like my music has new life!

I added these to my Echo Dot with Alexa from Amazon using the auxiliary cable that comes with the Soundmates. It is the most rich, deep and pure sound I have ever heard. I also own Sonos and several Bose systems. I love those also, but these speakers engineered they way they did are not to be compared. It's like my music has new life!

It wasn't until I saw my friend's trio system that I was truly sold. Hearing is believing and there is absolutely nothing comparible! The equalizer provides the ultimate in user customization. It's not just the sound though- this is a full on smart system with incredible versatility. 5 stars from me Audea!

Awesome sound quality

This is a true Hi-Def sound machine with WiFi because Blue Tooth doesn't do hi-def. Add your high quality powered speakers and hear the difference.

Bye Bye Alexa!

Bye Bye Alexa! Audea offers so much more: absolutely incomparable sound quality; plays my stored podcasts; has a perfectly-sized video screen to easily read my online recipes when I'm cooking; and I can even use it for Zoom calls! We are finding new ways to use it every day. Love it.

Awesome sound system

Awesome sound system. I noticed a big improvement in the sound quality when I adjusted the equalizer on Spotify. I love using the remote because it’s so easy to control all the components that Audea has to offer!

Love Audea supurb quality

I have always loved really good music so Audea is for me! I'm retired and kind of old. I have had my Audea several months now and I love how easy things work. I adjusted my equalizer to fit my ear and started with spotify and Youtube and have created a playlist of about 50 songs now. I can just start them playing and have wonderful music for hours and its easy to change volume or skip or replay with my remote or voice command. Then my smart Audea will go on playing similar songs as long as desired. The music is very clear with good resonance and deep sounds.
Youtube is so fun to watch as well as listen to great performances. There are so many things my speaker can do, tell time or weather or jokes or recipes or answer questions or pull up reports to read on the screen and even read books or scriptures to you. Software and firmware updates are automatic like the i phone. There is an onboard owners manual with pictures behind the ? This is a jukebox, an i phone and a personal entertainment system combined into one top quality magic genie - at your service!

Great Studio Monitors

I've used and mix with different speakers. Yamaha HS8,7,5 | Mackies Mr8,5. And this time I decided to give Audea a try. And all I can say is WOW! The clarity, range, quality and accuracy for what I paid, are incredible, I'll choose them over any other products around this price.

The TRIO has the depth of sound that I really wanted!

This is a must for music lovers. Great quality with all the speakers combined. I love the way the equalizer can be adjusted to play my music how I want it... this is very unique. I also like the way I can just disconnect the AUDEA from everything and take it to another room with me. I take it to the kitchen table with me, and while I work I can still listen. Then when I want bigger sound I plug it back into the soundmate speakers. Awesome!

Awesome solution for streaming all my music!

I use several channels of music to stream. Amazon, Apple and sometimes I use Spotify. Once this mini jukebox :) is configured it is seamless and easy to just play my music. I also like the fact I can unplug it and take it to another room with me using the battery.