There’s no comparison.



Can't run apps Runs ANY app
Limited music, no video
Plays ALL music and videos
No app display
Has color touch app display
Can’t browse music Browse music without a phone
No equalizer 13 band adjustable equalizer
No remote
Has programmable remote
No speaker, AVR audio output
Has speaker or AVR audio output
No TV or phono audio input
Has TV or phono audio input
No local music storage
10GB local music storage
Can’t cast video to TV
Casts movies and video to TV
Can’t play cloud stored music
Plays stored DropBox®, Drive® music
No remote private voice control
Private remote control voice control
No optional add-on speakers
Optional add-on speakers
No optional add-on battery pack Optional add-on battery pack

How AUDEA Eclipses the Sound Quality of Regular Smart Speakers.

1.  13 band Adjustable Equalizer.

AUDEA is the ONLY smart speaker with an integrated 13 band Equalizer (EQ).  Everyone hears music differently. The adjustable EQ allows you to adjust the sound to your exact discriminating personal preferences with just the amount of lows, mids and high frequencies that you like.  

AUDEA's adjustable EQ allows you to dramatically enhance and reshape a regular smart speaker's flat, monotone, hollow sound into a sound experience that is rich, pure, dynamic and crystal clear. 

AUDEA also has a 10 band HD Equalizer for playing hi-res 96 kHz 24-bit music stored in the cloud, from local storage or music stored on a local area Network Area Storage (NAS) drive.

2.  All-In-One Music Player, DSP, Preamp and Amp System  

All other smart speakers are simply  Wi-Fi receiving speakers. They don't have a music player app, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) sound enhancements, digital noise reduction, programmable preamp and other intelligent electronics.

AUDEA is the only ultra smart speaker with everything built in with every component from the music player, DSP, EQ, programmable  digital and analog preamp and class D amplifier built from the ground up to perfectly compliment each other.  The result is a complete smart sound system that delivers unparalleled sound quality.

3.  Adjustable Line Out Add-On Speakers     

AUDEA is the only smart speaker that has an independently adjustable line out preamp that allows you to add high fidelity amplified speakers to dramatically enhance the dynamic range and spatial sound quality.  Add your own speakers or AUDEA SoundMate speakers and experience sound like you've never heard before in a smart speaker. 

Our SoundMates are based on a classic 2-way sub woofer-tweeter design with a rich sounding bass reflex air port.  They have exceptional acoustic sound quality with a low noise class A/B amplifier that has a 1% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). 

We uniquely have independent digital and analog preamp and final stage amplifier (internal speakers only) volume controls for both the internal speakers and external speakers plus our SoundMates have individual volume controls so you can adjust the volume exactly to match the acoustics of your room and your personal preferences.

AUDEA is by far the world's highest quality smart speaker system because everything has been built from the ground up including the music player, an EQ that can adjust to your discriminating preferences, DSP enhancements, a programmable preamp and digital amplifier. 

Plus you can add reference quality speakers or turn your existing stereo system into a smart stereo by connecting AUDEA's audio output into your AVR receiver's audio input.

AUDEA is the world's finest ultra smart speaker system.

Everything else is just a wifi speaker.