The Dealer Advantage!

Calling all home integrators and retailers!  Now you can carry the AUDEA® Ultra Smart Speaker online or in your store!  

AUDEA® is perfect for custom home integrators who want to customize a home entertainment system for their clients.  You can run virtually any App on AUDEA including music, movies, games, news, weather, Google Assistant® home automation control, phone and video calls, email, texting, social media like Facebook®, cooking, karaoke, broadcast radio, among many others.

The Dealer Advantage!

Your clients will love AUDEA®.

  • It's simple and fully customizable with the music, video, home automation and other apps that your clients already use and love!

  • No phone or software is needed!  

  • Control is super easy via its touch display, remote, voice commands or an app running on a phone, tablet, PC or Mac. 

  • AUDEA® works with Crestron, AMX, C4 and other control systems. 

  • AUDEA® uniquely features Aux In & Out audio ports that easily integrates with existing AVR receivers, TV, audio distribution systems and other equipment. 


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